The future of IT at financial institutions

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How should financial institutions think about their future IT needs to stay competitive and offer superior value and experiences for customers? In our opinion, the days are numbered for monolithic software systems being custom developed for financial institutions seeking to streamline their current operations. In a rapidly developing world where regulations are continually changing, together […]

Some Bricknode Broker basics

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It is important to understand the basic account structure of Bricknode Broker which include various types of customer accounts, issuer accounts, house accounts and then custody accounts that keeps track of all your assets. We just released a short video to clarify this.

What is a bond and how does it work?

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We just released a new video that shows how a bond instrument works and a heads up on our release of the Bond Manager which will be released shortly.

How to submit periodic reporting to financial regulators with the new XBRL format

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Financial institutions has to perform periodic reporting to their local regulator, like Finansinspektionen in Sweden. With ever changing directives from the local regulator and the European Union the reporting can pose quite a problem with a lot of confusion. In order for the regulated companies to fullfil the reporting requirements it is necessary that the […]

What does MiFID II mean, how to become compliant?

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The implementation of MiFID II is getting closer day by day and financial institutions are scrambling to stay compliant and understand what they need to do. As usual regulatory changes is creating confusion among the involved parties and we are here to help. At Bricknode our goal is to make the transition to MiFID II […]

Apply fund rebates to accounts

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Use Position Manager to apply fund rebates to accounts through Transaction manager, save time and improve quality. Bricknode has launched a new app in the Bricknode Marketplace called Position Manager and released a new version of Transaction Manager which now makes it possible import transactions directly from Excel.

Bricknode significantly increases the release frequency of its cloud based wealth management and FinTech platform

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Traditionally within the area of wealth management software applications the time that has passed between new version releases has been significant. Due to the monolithic size of these applications, and the fact that they have not been cloud based, it has been common practice to send one or two releases per year to the users. […]

Revolutionize your back office efficiency by using Bricknode Broker for reconciliations

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As with any software solution it is of the utmost importance that it is being used conceptually correct in order for the user to gain the most value from it. This is true in every sense when it comes to Bricknode Broker and thus we want to emphasis some powerful features in this article. The […]

Experience seamless integration with fund marketplaces like MFEX and Nordic Fund Market by using Bricknode Broker

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As a securities brokerage firm who wants to distribute mutual funds / investment funds to your customers you are faced with a few alternatives. Deal directly with the investment funds that you are interested in offering; or Connect to a fund marketplace like MFEX (Mutual Funds Exchange) or NFM (Nordic Fund Market) At Bricknode we […]

Bricknode Broker makes financial institutions PSD2 compliant and enables them to offer their API to partners

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As a securities brokerage firm, you should constantly be looking for ways to improve the value for your customers. With the advent of PSD2-regulations financial institutions are being forced to open their systems to the world. This should not be viewed as a bad thing for financial institutions but instead you should welcome and embrace […]