As a securities brokerage firm who wants to distribute mutual funds / investment funds to your customers you are faced with a few alternatives.

At Bricknode we have developed our cloud based solution for wealth management so that you can work with multiple trading routes thanks to the open and dynamic architecture of the system. Because of this you do not have to choose which integration to use, you can simply use them all. Naturally there are some compelling reasons why you should select one over another and it mostly has to do with the universe of investment funds that you want to offer your customers and the volumes that you are going to distribute.

With both MFEX and NFM you can select either execution only or full service where you get them to take care of all the settlement as well and you then have the fund marketplace as your counterparty.

If you use execution only you will have each investment fund as your counterparty which you can manage directly in Bricknode Broker.

If you have very large volumes or only deal with a few funds then you can execute and settle directly with each fund and you can even use Bricknode Broker to generate files that could be sent through fax.

Within Bricknode Broker you can activate the branded customer portal where your customers can log on to manage their accounts and enter trades. For your associated advisors / brokers there is also a separate website where they can log on to manage their customers and the associated events within the CRM part of the system.

Getting started with distributing mutual funds / investment funds with Bricknode Broker is very easy and you can even develop your own apps using the open API right away. There is always a 30-day trial period when you sign up for Bricknode Broker so please try the system risk free today and let us know what you think.

A few weeks ago Bricknode signed a strategic deal with MFEX Mutual Funds Exchange as a customer and partner for offering automated mutual fund trading. Yesterday Bricknode launched its last release into a production environment and we are now looking forward to our next release which will include the first module involving MFEX.

Trading of mutual funds still poses a big problem within the technical aspects of securities processing since the back office process can be demanding together with various types of corporate actions.

By combining the mutual fund exchange developed by MFEX and the back office and customer facing capabilities of Bricknode Financial Systems (“BFS”) this partnership will be able to offer truly automated trading of mutual funds.

The most frequent question we hear from new customers of Bricknode is how the platform manages the fact that money is sent to the fund company before the actual execution report is received. The simple answer is that BFS works with account reservations on the end customer interface while tracking un-settled funds sent to the fund companies pending execution.

Stay tuned for release number 4 of 2014!